Sunday, October 16, 2011


It's a tricky word to say.

I tell everyone I love 'em because I really do. It's like Kandy said,

"You can love others, because you love yourself"

So because of that I'm extremely open. I'm touchy, and tell all I love them.
But I really sincerely do.
I tell people I love them because I honestly think and believe they are great. Because I value their friendship.
I hug 1) because I love hugs. Honest to goodness. The best birthday present I can receive is a great big hug. Not a wimpy two second one. No, a good 15 seconds, when you hold 'em tight, as if to say, "You are wonderful. I care." 2) I love seeing people smile. And for me, I always feel fabulously happier after someone has given me a hug.
The best days are those when you walk through the hallway and you get stopped ten or so times to hug people, to yell, "I love you!" before quickly rushing off to class.

And then there's my mom.

"You say I love you too much. It's something you say but don't mean it."
Don't I?

There are so many good, beautiful, wonderful people, and it would be such a waste if we didn't love one another.
So isn't the best way to feel loved, is to let others know?
Example: my brother doesn't tell me he loves me. At first, I though, eh, he's in a hurry to say it before he hangs up.
But! I tried saying it, and never received a response.
So I think, maybe he really doesn't like me. He's always teased me the most.
"Chubby, why don't you say you love me?"
"I did."
"That was two years ago...."
"Yep. I'll let you know if it changes."
Thanks brother, I love you too.

-This is called Aubrey's mind rambling.
El fin.

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Sariah said...

So, I really liked this. I get what you mean with those good "15 second" hugs. This all just made me happy, and made me think about the way that I act and express love towards others, wondering if I do it enough. :)