Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last post

I wish I could be back in my tenth grade English class. For a assignment we had to bring in a song that we felt had a deep meaning and read it as a poem to the class and explain it. I chose "Blowin in the wind" and my explanation couldn't do it justice. I was too preoccupied with the thought of a Jamba Juice and my boyfriends lips once this was over. 
I wish I could stand there with a Cat Stevens song by my side and speak passionately. But I guess that's what growing up is about. 

I wonder a lot what the husband is doing right. now. Serving a mission? Preparing like me? Home now, and awkwardly trying to adjust to the realities of life? Has he met me? Does he think I'm strange? Does he know that we are going to be sealed for eternity and make one another very very happy? 
Wherever he is, whoever he is, I hope he knows that I love him. That I pray for him that his testimony may grow so we can lift one another up. That his faith will never faulter so we can be prepared when trials come in our path. That at the end of this mission I can be the woman he has always dreamed of. 

I think I switch my emotions too often during the day. In one moment I can be worried about an exam or an assignment, then the minute someone asks about my mission I can be excitedly jabbering about Spanish and the Guatemala MTC. I hope once I'm in the field I can stay this excited. I wish I could bottle up this emotion I feel: pure happiness. And love. And on days when I feel lonely I can always just feel this way again. 

Sometimes the only reason I put milk in my tea is to see the beautiful pictures it paints. I love seeing it swirl around in a combination of hot and cold.

This is my last post for 18 months and possibly forever. Thank you for following me and encouraging me to write. If you want to follow my next adventure you can go to: http://hermanasnelson.blogspot.com/