Monday, December 27, 2010

I made a new hair clip

I got excited and wanted to show someone.
If you come into Gandolfo's today from 4-8, you'll be able to see it in person.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Recently, I had a choir concert.

I wanted to mix it up a little bit, the following is my attire:
I mean, you're only young once, and I'm too young not to just live it up once in a while.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

I laughed while I made my bread

"Aubrey, you know, if I believed in all that crazy reincarnation mumbo jumbo, well do you know what I'd want to come back as?"
"One of your kids."
We all laugh.
"No, really. Think how fun it would be. We'd have a new adventure everyday..."
"...and it would be tons of fun. You're just the perfect person to plan fun things like that."
"Plus, you'd be a really great Mom."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


[jah-icks]- The act of being completely and utterly random

I told the story of jix to Ammon, so I decided to tell you.

One night, me, DAni, and Jessica (Stevenson) [I know you probably know who Jessica is, it's just when I told that to Ammon he looked confused and said "You mean Steve?"] were all making hemp. This was the first one I had done myself, and actually tied it around my hair.

[Forgive me for this picture. It was the best one I could find.
Also, it was 80's day at school]

I had laborously been trying to pick out cute beads for my hemp. I looked through my letter beads, which were few in numbers. I picked out J-I-X. Then I asked Dani and Steve what jix might mean.

"Well... It's... you."
Hmmmmm... but what was I?
Random. Utterly and completely random.

And thus Jix was born.
The most common usage was "Mix of Jix" my birthday present of a bunch of mix CD's from Jess. ("You mean Steve?")

Sunday, December 5, 2010


"How many dancers does it take to screw in a light bulb?"
"How many?"
"One. And the rest stand around saying, 'I could have done that better."'

"Steven, did you thanks that door?"
"Steven! We always need to thank intimate objects! They're people too!"
"They're intimate objects..."
"Everything needs love, even if it's intimate."

"Aubrey, just because you're the bishop's daughter does not mean you can just say anything."

"Guys! I thought of the BEST slogan."
"Like if I ever fun for something. I have a good slogan."
"Uh.... Okay."
"What is it?"
"So, I have struggles rhyming with my name right? So what about 'Vote Aubrey, cuz her hugs are free.'"
"And I could wear my free hugs shirt like everyday. How sweet would that be?"


"Don't judge, just love."

I am a warrior and this is my battle cry.
Everyday, a challenge pops up. It's someone glaring at you while you walk down the hall. Someone adding to their already excessive make-up in the bathroom. Someone pdaing in the hallway. Someone who cuts you off in traffic.
What's your initial reaction? To judge. To be rude. To feel hate and anger.
Look at someone and say, "They're just having a bad day." or, "Maybe they have a crazy skin condition and are embarrassed." Relate it to yourself. "I was young once, and everyone makes mistakes." I enjoy having hypothetical conversations. "Go, your grandmother probably needs your help."
Among the gajillion things Gandolfo's has taught me, it's taught me to embrace people. It's protocol to be friends, ask them how they are, if they're having a good day. And usually people, that I honestly wouldn't approach otherwise.
Take one of my regulars. He's someone in his mid-twenties, always smells strongly of cigarette smoke, and has a deep gravely voice.
But he is so amazingly kind. He'll always talk to me."You're working by yourself? I'm sorry. You'd probably rather be home watching TV then making some sandwich for me."
I love the customers who seem shy and unapproachable at first, but then I turn on my music and their face lights up and they ask "Is this The Format?" "No, it's fun." And then we have an amazing 5 minute conversation where they've written down a list of bands I must look up.
It really makes you look differently at people. I try to assume positively. "She looks grumpy... but her earrings are cute." "They're probably texting a lot and not paying attention because they're helping a friend."
This week, as the Christmas love approaches, don't judge.
Just love.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Simply because I've petitioned against tiredness

Last night I got 10 hours of sleep
Why is this significant?
Simply because I've been thinking.
"Uh.. what?"
Don't question it sweet child of mine. The difference between me thinking today versus another day is that my thought are actually coherent.
Example: thoughts on 7 hours of sleep.
"Dude, how cool would it be to be on the moon? Like, I could just bounce and float around and stuff! But wait... what if UNICORNS were on the moon? I mean, they already frolick around jovially, so what would that look like on the moon? Because when you're on the moon it looks like frolicking in slow motion. So what if one was frolicking in slow motion while frolicking? Man, I really need a unicorn. And a rocket ship.
And then the bell for class to end rings.
One can see my lack of sleep being a problem for 2 reasons.
  1. Unicorns are not real
  2. A steam powered rocket ship has not been invented..... yet.
So, as a break from my usual slightly drunken state, the following are thoughts that occurred in my coherent mind.

  • Today I was walking through the halls. There was an overwhelming amount of people. Well duh, there always is. It's Timpview. But this was a time when I actually cared about it instead of pushing it aside. So to show my concern for this problem I made up this song and sang it loudly.
"Oh my, there are a lot of people in the hallway. I mean, there really are a lot of people in the hallway. Why are there a lot of people in the hallway? There should not be a lot of people in the hallway."
It's entitled "People in the Hallway" all copy rights belong to Aubrey Noelle and fellow classmates who stared questioningly.
  • Going along with the fact that I actually cared while walking through the hallway (with quite a lot of people may I add) I moved myself out of the way instead of roughly being pushed aside by someone. In fact, I squeezed into a wall crevice and yelled loudly. Totally beats getting bruised.
  • I carried an 8 foot table a long distance! And I didn't tire out!
  • When I got out of my car, I dropped my phone. It proceeded to implode. (kay, really it exploded but imploded sounds much cooler, right?) Like the back flew off, and the battery fell out. Instinctually, I picked it up, and started putting it back together. Then my brain loudly yelled "Stopped instincts!" Because saying one's phone imploded is a great excuse for not texting back. Take that technological world.
  • What's the deal with band names? I love America, but what kind of lazy band name is that? Chicago? Kansas? Really? Be creative. Styx? That's a great band name. Who doesn't love greek mythology?
I'll get less sleep in the future. I promise.