Friday, March 2, 2012

Counting them one by one

This morning I woke up, half-asleep, and knelt to pray to Heavenly Father.

"Heavenly Father, please help me today that I will be safe. I really, really don't want to die."

And then I went to get ready for the day.

My drive started out as normal. I shoveled the driveway. Pushed play on my iPod. Backed out of the driveway and turned right at Will's.

As I drove up the Canyon I tapped on my steering wheel excited at the prospect of a wonderful ski day.

And then something happened.

No matter how much you plan your life, no matter how many expectations you have, they will ALWAYS change.

My car swerved into the right lane. (miracle number one) No car was there and I was safe.
I slammed the brakes then turned the steering wheel to the left.

My car flipped a full 180 and slid to a stop in the middle of the two lanes. (miracle number two) Two cars, who were behind me, must've seen me swerve because they were going slower and managed to go around me. They both slowed down and pulled over to see if I was okay.

My car had stopped right where there was a break in the wall. I was able to simple turn into the break instead of having to do a 7-point turn in the middle of the road. (miracle number three)

I began driving. The car that pulled over drove by me to make sure I was okay. I waved and smiled to show that I was. God always sends me angels. (miracle number four)

It was then that I burst into tears. I felt an overwhelming amount of emotions and the appropriate way to express how I felt seemed to be simply to cry.

"What if..." crossed my mind plenty of times. But I was able to quickly push all these thoughts out.

Because then I thought of Him.

Yes, hundreds of what if's could have happened today. I could have been paralyzed, died, or crashed into oncoming traffic.

The point is, none of this happened.

Because He listens to me. My prayer was simple and honestly, not very well thought of this morning.

But He still cared. He cared enough to keep me safe.

As I drove I tried to think of ways to thank him. Again an overwhelming amount of emotions flowed inside of me.

This time, however, love.

Love for my family and friends who care and love me so much. Love for my Savior. Who gave his life for me, and helps my life each and everyday.

Eventually, after some deep breathes, I was able to spit out the only thing that came to my mind.

"Heavenly Father, thank-you"