Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hot Chocolate

Nothing like a good cup o' Moe in the morning after breakfast.

Because coffee shouldn't be the only heated beverage with a name

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Gymnast

Across the floor the gymnast soared

With a’boundin’ leaps and spins

Practicing with perfection

And a hope that she might win

“Flawless,” her coach cried

And smiling with glee

“Your hard work has certainly paid off

Take a break, I’ll see you in three”

She skipped over to the beam

Sitting happily thinking of her future

But her swinging legs made her slip

And her career took a slight detour

A large crack was sounded

The poor girl screamed in pain

And as she lay there crying

She knew she might not return again

The lights flashed and she was rushed

An operating room immediately cleared

Parents notified, they had arrived

And saw that fate they had always feared

She woke confused and lost

And what was on her arm?

A woman arrived, the girl was scared

“It’s alright dear, I won’t cause any harm”

“My name is Darla, how do you do?

My you took quite a spill

But it’s okay, you’ll be safe here now,

Will you please take this pill?”

A fortnight later she was released

The cast still tight in place

Although her stay had been gloomy

A smile still spread wide across her face

For while she stayed, she had observed

All the doctors doing this and that

Intrigued she watched them carefully

Thinking “I could probably do that”

A fire ignited and off she went

To pursue her brand new dream

Thoughts of flying sometimes occurred

But got pushed by this new thing

This girl however never cured cancer

I know, it’s sad to say

For she had something more special

She loved her job each and every day

For in your life your dreams get ruined

Trampled, mangled, smashed

But look for the positive, something new

And life will put you on new paths

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I've recently developed a weird and slightly creepy obsession for harmonies.

It's no wonder I don't enjoy listening to the radio very much


Today, looking at my phone I saw the happy little message:

"1374 saved messages"


I tried thinking about it, and thinking, "Psh, I save like, one text a week"

But really, there's a lot, so, here are a few examples of how I couldn't possibly, ever, delete these.

"Good luck at your competition today! And let me know if you're doing anything tonight or if you're too tired! (: love you!"

"If I die from hair dye fumes, just know that I love you dearly :)"

"Luv ya! Remember that God is voting for ya, the devil is voting against ya, but it's your vote that counts!"

"I'm sorry dear. I love you though. Does that help?"

"Sometimes... Chad doesn't take his medicine. 'Hey mom! Guess what! You're half of me!"'

"The current drama of the Snelson household. We have a mouse. It's about 2 inches long and I've never seen my mom jump so high."

"Cute dress. Cute girl. The perfect combination." -The bishop

"Quite often I sit in my kitchen crying due to my parents making me laugh so hard."

Bells "Can you get my phone? I broke my legs."

"What's DAP?" "The... Department... of... awesome people."

"Yep. A customer just called me beautiful."

"So I walk into Gandolfo's and Luca's like, 'Oh man!' 'Uh what?' 'I've been waiting by this window for like ten minutes waiting for you to come so I could scare you.'"

"Mwahahahahaha stain on the stove. You have endured an epic battle with Mr. Clean magic eraser but can you withstand the powers of windex?? *dramatic theme plays*"

"Dinosaurs can be red and yellow and blue but none of them are as big as I love you! Good morning star shine :)"

"If you're worried, pray. If you've prayed, don't worry."

"So which lucky young men are baked goods recipients today?"

"One of my summer school questions: 'What is moving air?'"

"I think it's safe to say that you have a Ph.D. in being nice"

"What's with these freeway exits called 12a and 13b? That's so boring. If I had my way I'd name em after Beatles songs, Mario Kart, and Candyland. Can you please imagine the gps? 'Please keep right onto Rainbow Road' 'In one mile take the exit Penny Lane onto Cotton Candy Way' driving would be so entertaining"

"Dear you, you're great. Thanks for yelling my name last night. I felt loved :)"

"Dear Aubrey. You have red hair. You sluff seminary a lot. And I love you!"

"Hello daughter. Thanks for visiting yesterday! What would a Sunday afternoon be without Aubs? Dull. Aargh. Aubrey adds spice... See ya chicka"

"It's okay. When you get red dye that close to your brain it messes with it."

"People were wondering why I was shedding tears as I walked through the commons."

"Ummmm could I possibly love u anymore? ....Nope. Pretty sure I couldn't"

"Go Aubo! Love you!"

"Just listening to Passion Pit and thinking of you :-)"

There are hundreds more. Thank-you everyone for making my day everyday.
You are the best :)