Saturday, December 13, 2008

Well ugh.

Ok. I know that most of you normal people can't really relate because you probably don't have a happyness box. If you don't, you should make one. They kinda rock. Anywho, I took mine to school. Well WHY you ask, is because I wanted other people to put their happyness in my cute lil' box. Soooooo they gave me wierd look when I asked them too. Ugh. I think that just because a person is trying to spread happyness/share happyness with others does not qualify for wierd look. Just thought I'd let cha know.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Photo of the day/week/whenever.

So I'm gonna try something. The photo of the day. Well, I don't know if I can do it EVERYDAY but I can try. I'll just do it as often as I can. No captions, no explaination. Just let your imagination soar.

In the world of Aubrey and Jessica. Jaubrey?

Hmmm.... you mean you DON'T take random photo's while you wait for Jess's parents to pick you up? Interesting....

Hooked on camera's!

My friends have a new.... game if you will. It's called steal Aubrey's camera from her during lunch, and take random photos! The end product is usually quite interesting/funny/all together weird. But I figures someone [Jess] would want to see their hard work. Here ya go.

Haha so typical Riley.

For those of you who haven't met Nick and Tate (And I'm sure most of you haven't....) this picture describes them perfectly.

Haha this is when we used to sit in the LAME cafeteria. Commons all the way man.

Tynan actually loves having his picture taken. He just won't admit how good he looks on camera. And yes, Mike is wearing a David Archuleta shirt.

I've now learned, one can have too many i-phones. (Too bad Nick wasn't sitting by them, cuz he has one too!)

Oh the joys of High School.


Ok, well I write. Alot. 600 pages worth, and it keeps getting longer. The other day, I was messing around, and decided to make a title page. Thinking it would be a little boring just to put "Aubrey's Journal's" I decided to go on the unique side. So, my current header, is kinda resembling my title page. Same picture and everything. I like that picture, quite a lot actually, because it's just some random stairs, and you have no idea where they're going to. Just like life. and Memoirs. So in case you were bored and decided to look at my blog and saw my new header, that's why.

Are you ready for some....FOOTBALL!

Do I like football games? Well, they're ok. Do I know what's going on half of the time? Not really... But, do I still go anyway to support my high school? Well, yes. I figured that Timpview had better be victorious until I go rooting for our team. But, since we DID win state, I think I should be able too.

For the first game of the season, we all look pretty pumped!

After the game, and after the water fight. And they still look happy.

What football game wouldn't be complete without a stag after?

Haha or night games.

I know what you're thinking. And I just thought my hat looked a little photo-shopped myself. Alas, my hat is just too orange and cool.

Haha. Carl's the tall one, Kristen's the short one.

Gooooooooooooooooo football!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Haha. Mom insisted we wait until after the actual date of my birthday to open presents. I said to wait until my external hardrive got here, but, I just had to settle for a picture of it instead.



What a cute little family!

Yes, we are hardcore.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Birthday

Well, the day first started as normal.

Mom was gluing her shoe, Dad was on his iPhone,

And we were all enjoying some cheesecake. After some hard core shopping, I came home, to go to Nicole's house for a small girls only get together. I called a few girls, one of them including Jessica. I asked her why she couldn't come, and considering she's onf of my best friends, I was pretty bummed she couldn't come, even if it wasn't a big official party. She said she had some family thing, or something, so she couldn't come. Whatever. Some more girlies came, and we ate chips, played foosball, and started Mr. Bean. Well, Jessica called. She said that her family thing got canceled and she could play. But the only way she could play was if she came over. We went to Jess's house. In the window, I looked in the living room. I saw some balloons and an arm by the piano, and I assumed it was Jess's little sibs playing a game. I thought it was wierd they weren't answering the door either. Jess came in the door, and everyone burst out, and yelled suprise. I was toatlly fooled. I guess that shows you how naive I am.

Jess said she had the idea for about a week. Monday, I think she said, she proposed the idea to everyone. I think she said at first it wasn't a surprise party, it was just a get together. But then, when I was spending an extra long time getting my lunch, everyone planned it out. Nicole's job was to get me to her house, and everyone else just came.

I mean really, who's friends just suddenly plan them a party? The best part, Mom didn't know like any of it. Mom called Dani, to ask her if she should bring cake or something to Nicole's "party". Dan informed Mom that they were having a suprise party. Mom called Jessica, and Jess seemed to have everything all planned. Mom figured that we'd better do something, so they brought pizza. And stayed to take some pictures.

We ate pizza, opened presents (thanks for the hat Dan!), then watched "A Knights Tale"

Don't worry, Tynan made sure to cover up all the bad parts for us.

We ate a delicious cake made by my friend Jessica, and ice cream.

Then went outside. *Warning* half of these pictures I have no idea what's happening. I didn't have my camera 75% of the time, so ya. Here you go.

Bee, this is David.

Nick: "Aubrey, it's this falls latest fashion. The Leaf Jacket!"
I think my face says it all.

Emily: "Awwww cute! A lipgloss break! Aubs, hold that pose!"

Dani is SUCH a tree hugger

The circle of love!

I don't know why it was every one's obsession to steal my wonderful, beautiful, little hat.

All in all, I'm pretty sure that it was my best party ever. Thanks you guys! You're the best!