Sunday, April 5, 2009


In case you didn't know, I love to ski! I've done it for..... 8 years. Don't get any thoughts though. I don't really like black diamonds or mougles (ya I'm weird) but I love to go fast!

Which is unfortunate, because I often go with slowboarders snowboarders.

Sundance is the place we go. There's alway a new adventure. Like people falling off of ski lifts, or random art displays.
We really don't take many pictures ON the slopes, because who want's to stop to take a picture? So the bus ride up is perfect. We get bored sometimes.....

Haha Chase
Steven you look cute. I look.....

Haha me, Mike, and Jessica. Mike with 2 girls? Hmmmmm
These were taken the day I fell. Before of course

Yay! We love skiing!