Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Pankcake Conundrum

Well, while Mom is away (I'll update that on the Family blog) Chanelle and Aubrey will go get breakfast! I woke up Belly this morning and we went to McDonalds. We ordered our food, and came home. Upon inspection we realized that I never recieved my pancakes. So Chanelle tooke matters into her own hands, telling me she'd make me some. (Bells automatically thinks she's a pancake expert because of work.) She took out a box of Bisquick, added water, stirred it together, and made some. They basically burned upon impact. I looked at the box and told Chanelle she had to add milk and eggs. Her arguement? "At work we just add water and cook them. They turn out perfect." Sorry Bells, we aren't at work. So after dumping out the first batch of batter, Chanelle went off to make more. They were pretty good, plus they were drenched in syrup, so my judgement was off.
Later when Chanelle was at work she texted me saying "I just made the BEST pancakes!"
This blog post is dedicated to Brooke Michele Snelson Hofmann or the girl who insisted I update my blog. :) love you!