Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This Morning

Before 9 o'clock this morning:
I've texted: 4 different people
And had: 2 phone calls
It's funny, the things you accomplish right after you wake up

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do you know?

Do you know those Sundays?
I call them "crying Sunday's"
The ones where the spirit is so amazingly strong.
Sometimes I cry.
But today, it was just, like having this little cloud of love hanging over me.
and it was absolutely spectacular.
I love God so much. I can't believe the wonderful parents and gospel that I've been blessed with.
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you


Background: this morning at 6 a.m. as I was laying in my bed, I got these ideas in my head. And thought it would make a good, deep, philosiphical blog post. Here is what I typed up at 6:30...

I feel like a book. One of those books that your mom randomly brings home one day during the summer when you’re bored out of your mind and you need something to do. “Here,” she says. “It’s a classic, you’ll love it.” Most teenagers parents know that when you say something’s a classic, they automatically don’t want to read it.

But you open it to make your mom feel happy, and set it on a shelf.

Fast forward a few months, and it’s a lazy, boring day.

Nothing to do, just sitting in your room counting dust. When you notice something on a book shelf. That book. You have nothing better to do, so getting in your comfy chair, you prepare to take a dive into that book. And soon you find yourself captivated. Amazed by this simple little thing.

Fast forward more.

This book has become your absolute favorite, it’s the one you find yourself going to again and again.

But what is this?

A new book. Sitting on the shelf.

And the old one is forgotten.

Until you realize that new book isn’t so great afterall

And one day, you’re cleaning your room, and you notice the corner of something sticking out under your dresser.

The old book.

And you realize you were missing out by casting it aside.

And this is the picture I was going to use.

But then, something changed. "What?" you asked. Well, I changed. Because I decided to do something about the anger that had burrowed itself inside of me. I turned of my phone, so no texts I might regret would be sent.
I got ready, and went to church. It's funny. What typing can do to me. Theraputic. Because after I typed a nasty 7 pages in Microsoft Word, I felt refreshed, like everything I said was gone, let go. And with that, my anger had melted away.

I later sent this text,

"It's like any anger I've felt has melted away :) God does amazing things."

Monday, June 21, 2010

Me and The Bishop

Dear Daddy,
(Note: yes, I'm aware Father's Day was yesterday. So.... Let's dedicate this post to yesterday.)
I'm going to let a conversation we had last night describe the relationship I have with my daddy.
"What are we doing tomorrow?"
"Well Dad, I'm going to sleep in LATE"
Mom "You are? Good. You are in bed tonight by..."
"By ten, I know. Then dear Father, I'm doing to the bank where I shall deposite a huge check from my place of work."
"Good, I like it. I like it."
"Then dear sir, I shall go to K-Mart where I shall buy some shoes"
"Wait, shoes?"
"Yes sir. You see...."
*laughing* "Shoes?"
"Stop laughing. Listen. I'm going to take them to my dear friend Riley's house where he shall draw awesome things on them. Plus, I need a new pair."
"What about those black ones?"
"Oh, my chucks? Well I need more than one pair of sneakers"
*laughs, slaps head, and shakes it*
"Stop laughing at me! They will be awesome! And I know you'll appreciate them and tell me how cool they are because you are that cool and appreciate art and I appreciate that in you so... Happy Father's Day."
"Stop laughing!"
"First the Rockette's, now shoes."
This is my father. And I love him very very much.

Also: for those who are wondering.....

This is Riley

And these are my chucks

Dear Anna Ray,

I was gone for a week at Girls Camp. And the next Saturday, there was nothing more that I wanted to do then go out for a bike ride up the canyon. Needless to say Ray, I missed you.
So, preparing myself, I got ready. It was fairly easy. Until 10 minutes from my house, I went down a curb, and your chain fell off. Note: When crossing an intersection, it is not preferable for one's chain to fall off.
Calmly, I got under the shade of a tree, took out my water bottle, and had the whole operation done in less than two minutes.
The bike grease was an entirely different story.

Bike grease sticks, but using my water bottle i tried to rub as much of the bike grease off of my hands, and into the grass.
"Oh well" I figured. There was a water fountain up the canyon, and I would simply go there.
5 minutes later, I went down a lip. Please note again: this was even smaller then the curb, and your chain fell off again.
But my dear Ray, did I get mad? No. I calmly repeated the process that I had done just a few minutes before.
How was I feeling at this point? Well Ray, I don't know how much you care seeing how you are a bike, but I shall tell you anyway. I was extremely down fallen. I missed you Ray, but it seemed as if you did not want to go up to Bridal Veil Falls that day.
So I get to the water fountain. Incidentally, there were two men. Friends, I suppose, since they were talking. The man offered for me to go first. So, I walked up, and tried to get as much of the bike grease off. (Note: this was putting my chain on twice=alotta bike grease.) He was however extremely polite.
"So, today's a nice day for a bike ride"
I smiled "Yeah, it is"
"So, just taking a ride up the canyon?"
Most people see you, Ray, and regard me as the "Not-intense-hardly-bike-a-mile" type.
"Yeah, just going up to Bridal Veil"
He looks at his friend, he looks impressed "Wow, nice"
I find myself smiling "Thanks, it's really fun."
I filled up my water bottle then politely said "See you! Have a nice day."
And I actually meant it, that stranger made me feel happy.
So my bike ride continued North-ward until I finally reached the falls. Feeling accomplished, I sat down on the ground, wishing I had brought my book.
I even tried saying "Accio book" in my mind alot.
A woman was taking a picture of the falls. Oblivious to the surroundings behind her, she backed into you, Ray, causing you to fall over.
She apologized profusely, but I didn't really think too much of it.
That is until I was leaving and saw that my chain had fallen off.
Chain: 3 Aubrey: 0
I tried to get more grease off in the river. It kinda ish sorta worked.
The rest of the ride home was extremely uneventful.

Then, yesterday, it seemed as if Ray were to be used a lot. First it was to get glue, then to take a card, then to take rolls.
When I arrived at the Shields house, I started walking up to the front door. A breeze started blowing, and you dear Ray fell. Along with your chain. So I had to put it on while wearing this pretty white dress.

I thought everything was fine, until my mother pointed out there was bike grease on my pretty white dress.
Ray, can you please tell me why your chain loves to fall off?

Most sincerely,
Aubrey Noelle

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Smile :)

I know I've just been posting video's lately, (you can see where most of my time goes) but this one is truly amazing.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Dreams

I have a new dream.
It is to learn how to play all of these instruments in this video.
Ukulele first.

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