Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sweetheart's was actually February 5th. But I say better late then never.

Austin, me, Joe, Joseph when Austin picked me up. I guess the whole crew came to the door.
Me and Austin are such goofs :)

Yay Sweetheart's!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What we do in the sun

Today was choir practice.
I may or may not have forgotten.
I've been doing that lately. Let's blame end of term.
I showed up late. It started at 12:30. I thought it was 1:15.
So looking down at my legs wrapped in ace bandages, I grabbed music and sat on a comfy couch.
Then I looked up.
Jake was over in the corner, hiding behind his violin case.
Giggling at me.
We sang.
And I sassily looked at Jake anytime he played that violin of his.
After 15 minutes choir practice was over.
And we got cookies.
I think it wasn't a bad deal.
The Professor grabbed two bags of cookies and shoved them into Jake's hands.
"Here, take these home and eat them."
I looked over at him. "Well dear, you ARE a growing teenage boy."
Jake wanted a ride home.
After a good long dramatic sigh, I said okay.
As we walked outside, Mitzi said "Is he 19?"
I told Jake this and we laughed so hard as we walked to my scooter.
I got on, but we had to wait for Jake.
He had to put his "legit" aviators on
Maybe they were kinda cool...
But only kinda.
We went the long way to his house.
Talking, laughing, letting the wind blow through our hair.
Maybe it was more like my hair in his face.
We arrived.
And we realized Jake had too many cookies.
An unfortunate predicament.
We did what any other logical teenagers would do.
We went to Brother Bills house.
He wasn't home. So we rode to Lydia's.
Jake is not very good at door bell ditching in case you are wondering.
There was much screaming, and laughing.
But, we eventually made it home okay.

"Did you know you're odd?"
"Of course. But never as odd as you. Ever."
"Is that bad?"
"Of course not!"
"Thanks Jakey."
"You're welcome!"
"Oh gee. You make me smile."
"Haha you always smile. Always!"

I love sunny days.