Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Right, so I understand. EFY was from June 2-7, and I'm extremely behind, but whatever.

I'm not sure how I should do this. I have over 250 pictures so shall I just tell you what went down? Well ok, but sorry if you waste your life reading this extremely and rediculously long blog.

<---Jenni and Angie--->
were our uh, bathroom mates. We had Jack and Jill bathrooms, so we shared. We we became like best friends and we love them with passion.
So as soon as we got there that first day, we played cards and hung around with Angie and Jenni.... and Cookie Crisp...

Then we met the company...

Nate and Brandon just became our friends. Not sure why, we just well... clicked.

Jana and Lindsey were awesome too! They're so cutely awesome and we love to take pictures in random spots. Like bathrooms for example....

And how of course could I forget Miss Jessica? She was my trusted roommate, and it's possible we stayed up a little too late.

But we loved all the girlies.

Our counselors were great! Thanks Erika, Dave and Kat!
Ok I guess I forgot one little teensee detail. Angie and I were going to sing the Pokemon theme song for the varitey show. Dave thought it would be a grand idea to get the whole company involved, so what do you know? I sang, and every one danced. Check it out at enjoy!

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