Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Colorful Picnic

Jess and I went on a picnic, and it started out all normal.

Jessica was eating,

And I wasn't so sure about my peaches and cottage cheese. But Jess promised me that if I'd stop complaining, she would take my picture.

But she cut off my head,

So I got mad and flicked water at her. And ended up getting wet too.

So we had to jump off the rocks to get dry again.

We rode our bikes home,

I made Jess sit on this fire hydrant, only to get her more wet.

She got mad at me, and made me sit in this position for exactly 27 minutes.

Jessica and I had a contest to see who could put thier leg up higher. Pretty sure I won.

Jessica got mad at me for winning so she dropped me off on the side of the road.

And made me help set up traffic cones.

Well she left me, and when I was walking home, I wasn't quite sure which way to go.

When I got home, Jessica was very tired.

And she made me read to her.

Jessica thought it would be fun to dress me up in hats....

But Jess thought it looked like a lot of fun,

But like I said, Jess was really tired, so most of them were on the floor. She finally fell asleep, and I got some peace to put these pictures on Blogger.

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Jessica said...

Beautiful story so ...true...too!