Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Friends

Dear Aubrey,

All of these people in your blog look very cool and fun, I just wish I knew who they all were.


Curious Friend

Dear Curious,

You do have a right to know what is going on here. So, hope you enjoy!

This is Jessica Stevenson. We go everywhere together whether it's California or EFY!

This is McKayla. We've been friends since kindergarten. Her Dad was our principal. We just love doing random stuff. Going to the mall or well.... having photo shoots.....

This is Rachel Chow. She's super funny and she's the only person who has taken me to a China Market.

Unilke Dani and Catie, Kristen is the shortest. It's all good, we still love her

This is Danielle or Dani. She's my next tallest friend. Like 5' 9". I feel so short.

Ashley is just another one of those random funny girls. We always have so much fun together when we're hanging out. Especially doing the Wizard of Oz walk....

This Lauren. She's way funny and too random for her own good. Her Dad just got back from Iraq, so that's pretty tight.

This is Shelbie. We caught eachothers eye, and have been best friends since.
This is J.C. Her name is Jewell Charlotte. She's way funny.

This is Claire. I don't have a picture of her smiling, so you'll have to live. That shows how crazy she is.

This is Catie. Pretty sure she's my tallest friend at 5' 10". And funniest.

This Kristen Blair. She has cool hair. And she's really funny. And she's an amazing actor when she's Lil' Red.

This is Kate. We share a love for the Beatles, and love stories >

This is Nicole. We share a love for graphing calculators, Swedish fish (from Norwegia), and being random.

This is Alex. He's really funny and his dad is just about everyone's doctor.

This is Nicholas. At least, that's what his family call him. But everyone calls him Nick. Everyone cool that is. As you can see, he likes to pretend he's a model.
Danny's pretty much the smartest kid I know. He's taking pre-calculas (that shows how un-smart I am, I can't spell), and I'm sure he'll get a 36 on the ACT. He's really funny too.

If you can't notice this is Mike. He's really funny and I guess has an obession about Mike and Ikes. Chase and I have been though a lot together. We ran for Student Body Officers together, were in Student Government, and have known eachother since kindergarten. Oh, and we did ballroom together.
This is Tynan. He's always at Disney Land. And he's basically obessessed with it. We always make fun of him cuz he's always wearing Disney shirts. Oh, and he's really good at ballroom.

Tate (er-tot) is really funny. He's randomly weird, but you still hang out with him anyway.

This is Riley. He's super funny and always finds ways to make me laugh. He's an avid soccor player, and was the wolf with Kristen.




Jessica said...

Why is everybody else's picture cute and not mine!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!???????

I'm depressed :(

Jessica said...

oh... and i know you have hotter pictures of Riley than that!

Jessica said...


Nicole **LiVe~LaUgH~LoVe** said...
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Nicole **LiVe~LaUgH~LoVe** said...

heyy sorry! i am not goning to go private! i realized if i did then Kat Dave and Erika couldn't look at it so sorry D: