Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Paige.... and colors

Now when people ask me if I'm obsessed with color recognition on my camera, I wouldn't say THAT far. I mean, I enjoy it VERY much.

This is what happens when two girls have a digital camera, and are VERY bored and after watching August Rush for the millionth time, decide that perhaps it's time to do something with thier life. We took about 300 pictures, so this may seem like alot, but it's actually very condensed. Let's see what happens.....

"Paige, who smiles in their sleep?"
"Well, I do, GOSH!"

Uh-oh, she killed me
*WARNING* it get's quite random when we whipped out the purple blanket, bear with me....

Too random to handle

This picture doesn't do it justice. This was the sweetest suit case I've ever seen. It was like... smurf blue.

It was supposed to be like just the gold door knob, but whatever. Just focus most of your attention there.

Teen Vouge, deep I know

Paige demonstrates the average american teenager

Paige: "Hurry and pose! What if they come outside and see you?"

"Paige who just goes around smelling leaves? It's not like they smell or anything."

"They do to me!"

Paige: "What's that supposed to be?"

Aubrey: "A space cadet"

Oh Kermit.....

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