Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Photo of the day/week/whenever.


Jessica said...

the picture at the top of your blogg thats in the timpveiw atrium right? the one day that it snowed?

Jessica said...

well not the one day it snowed anymore... you know looking out the window of mrs taylors room or stefans room into the atrium is a really pretty picture. but you took this one at the two double doors kinda by your locker-that-you-never-use-because-you-use-your-...well i guess you cant call it a drill locker because drill doesnt get lockers... so would you call it a begining dance(?) locker cause thats where you got it from...-other-locker-that-is-in-the-girls-locker-room-of-happiness-and/or-love right? wow holy runon sentance of all run on sentances that are holy... LOVE YOU!!!!!