Saturday, December 13, 2008

Well ugh.

Ok. I know that most of you normal people can't really relate because you probably don't have a happyness box. If you don't, you should make one. They kinda rock. Anywho, I took mine to school. Well WHY you ask, is because I wanted other people to put their happyness in my cute lil' box. Soooooo they gave me wierd look when I asked them too. Ugh. I think that just because a person is trying to spread happyness/share happyness with others does not qualify for wierd look. Just thought I'd let cha know.

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J n Bee said...

Here is my happy note to you for the happyness box:
A- Amazing
U- Unique
B- Beautiful
R- Randomly cool
E- Energetic
Y- Ya-hoo! You're the best!