Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hooked on camera's!

My friends have a new.... game if you will. It's called steal Aubrey's camera from her during lunch, and take random photos! The end product is usually quite interesting/funny/all together weird. But I figures someone [Jess] would want to see their hard work. Here ya go.

Haha so typical Riley.

For those of you who haven't met Nick and Tate (And I'm sure most of you haven't....) this picture describes them perfectly.

Haha this is when we used to sit in the LAME cafeteria. Commons all the way man.

Tynan actually loves having his picture taken. He just won't admit how good he looks on camera. And yes, Mike is wearing a David Archuleta shirt.

I've now learned, one can have too many i-phones. (Too bad Nick wasn't sitting by them, cuz he has one too!)

Oh the joys of High School.

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