Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I love her because- Miss Bee

  • she is one of the most creative people I know. More creative than Pintrest!
  • she is constantly serving others. Whether it's making a cute project for them, a yummy treat, or cleaning. Especially cleaning.
  • we can call to ask a quick question, and end up talking for a half an hour
  • the only rules she plays by are her own
  • she has the best laugh
  • she is supportive in everything I do
  • she truly has such an incredible testimony of Jesus Christ and his gospel. She loves it and wants to share it with everyone!


J n Bee said...

oh my little aubo! i am just returning to the blogging scene, from a brief sabbatical, and who should i check out first? you, of course! what a wonderful thing indeed! thanks for the lovely picture, did i get a copy of the graduation pics??, and even lovlier compliments. you rock the sista' party!
love you!

J n Bee said...

oh, and where is that blasted red sweater?? still is no where to be found! did your ginormous bear eat it?