Sunday, August 21, 2011

What's in a name?

Aubrey- Named after this song. It was my daddy's favorite in high school, and I guess decided to save the best for last. I tell people that it is my song, and well it literally is my song.
When I was little, my friends joked about my wedding day. They said that my husband would either sing, "Wild Thing", or "Aubrey." Depending on how much he liked me :)
One of my favorite things about my name is that it's literal definition is, "Ruler of the elves."

Noelle- After Brooke Michele was born, my mom decided she liked the sound of -elle names as middle names. But then Chanelle was born, and instead of Chanelle being her middle name, she made it her first "Because it was prettier." Thus why I call Chanelle Miss Janae, and the tradition was partially kinda broken :)

Snelson- Let's get one thing straight, I really do love my last name. There's a little pang in my heart for the day I get married. Secretly, I hope that my husbands last name is Nelson. Just imagine it real quick. Check.
Even though people often look at my last name like it's a foreign language (Swedish, thank you) and I've had it pronounced a myriad of ways, I've gotten over it that not everyone can pronounce something properly. "Yes Sister... S. Nelson" (I just want to ask, what kind of a name is that?) "Hi is... Mrs. Nelson there?" (Nope, thanks for asking!)
I'm a Snelson. And proud of it.
Aubrey Noelle Snelson


Lydia Colleen said...

you're great

J n Bee said...

be you and be proud! man! you make the fabulous name of snelson look so good. when do i get to see more from this little photo shoot?

you're gorgeous!