Wednesday, August 10, 2011


While blog stalking, I came across this post by my Miss Emma.
She got one photo, and looked for 25 things in it she was grateful for.

Challenge accepted!

I went into photo booth, then asked my mom "Pick a number 1-150" and came up with this little beauty :)
Taken last winter after we went sledding, thus Tate's bed head, and my braids :)

  1. I'm grateful for all these lovely people. Preston, Scout, and Tate. They are all such wonderful friends (as are most of you guys :) ) who are so strong. I was telling Lauren, "I'm so grateful for all my friends Lo. I mean, we're friends, but we're friends in the gospel too."
  2. I don't know if you can tell, but on the left is my aquarium. Flip, I love that thing. When I was little, I'd hide in the cupboards from my dad. I remember when I was finally allowed to stand on the stool all by myself, and pour in the shrimp/kelp mixture to watch my fix hungrily devour it. I am grateful for my aquarium, and all the memories that come with it.
  3. I'm grateful for my fire place. It's over on the right, and when I was a lil' nugget, I would perform on it. Thus started my singing/dancing/acting career. Such a wonderful stage.
  4. I'm grateful for my mouth in it's current condition. It sounds silly, but after you've had 20 teeth extracted, 8 or 9 oral surgeries, and two years with braces, you become grateful you're not getting ready or recovering with something orally.
  5. I'm grateful for that necklace I'm wearing. You can't see, but it's a lock I got in Virginia at an antique store. I was with my sisters, and we found this lock. From 1896. And on the back, it says "For Mary." So now, it's destiny for me to name my child Mary, and bequeath it unto her.
  6. With Tate and Preston in this picture, I am so grateful for the priesthood. I think we often take this for granted, since most of us have father's blessings at the beginning of the school year. But year after year, my mom always reminds us, "Kids, be so grateful there is a worthy priesthood holder in this house. Because you all know, I didn't have these blessings when I was younger." Then we all sigh, and say "Yeah, we know mom."
  7. Even though it's technically not pictured, I'm grateful for my computer and a built in web cam. Last night, I talked to my brother face to face via Skype for the first time in over a year. Me and my parents were surrounded around the computer, laughing about some silly student and golden teeth.
  8. I'm grateful for my hair. It sounds conceited, but really. Every morning as I brush it I look in the mirror at how blessed I am with my genetics. For reals, the combination of my mom and dad's genes gave me really long silky soft hair. Don't believe me? Stroke it for yourself sometime :)
  9. I'm grateful for fuzzy sweaters. The one I was wearing is from Old Navy and oh so cozy for those chilly Utah winters.
  10. I'm grateful for my house. It was completed just a few months before it was born, so we are both approaching the ripe age of 18. This is the only house I've grown up in, and there are so many memories and adventures here.
  11. In the middleish area, is my TV. My television that we hook up my daddy's laptop to watch mormon messages. Or watch Modern Family, The Middle, or Psych together. It is a sin in my house to watch a new episode of one of these shows without one of us being there. It makes it more exciting.
  12. My couch. Silly? Maybe. It's where family prayers are every night. Without fail, at 10 o'clock, my dad will be over there, kneeling and patiently waiting for my mom to wipe the counters, or finish washing her face. We also squish on the couch for General conference, FHE, or just to tell them stories about my day.
  13. Umm... seeing Tate's glasses, I'm grateful for my vision. Really, I'm the only person in my family who hasn't worn or currently wears glasses. For reals. 1 out of 7. Yeah, I'm unique :)
  14. I love braiding my hair and I'm grateful I can do that. I used to get so frustrated when I was little I'd just burst into my mom's room my hair full of knots and tears on my face.
  15. I'm grateful for my phone. I'm grateful for the scriptures of the week it helps me send. And I'm grateful for all the sweet messages I receive.
  16. I'm grateful for heat and air conditioning. Really. I would totally die if I was a pioneer and just had to be chill with a log fire and a quilt all the time.
  17. I'm grateful for making friends. Like Scout. It was totally random, her grandma just called and said "My grand daughter is here, will you play with her." But oh, Scout how I'm so glad we're friends now.
  18. I love that my Mac can make pictures look cool
  19. I'm grateful that we have a beautiful computer. To quote Miss Kim, "Well, in my day, computers took up an ENTIRE ROOM!"
  20. I'm grateful for my body. That if I scrape myself, I know it'll heal on it's own. If I get sick, it will take care of itself. I'm grateful that I can move it in the ways I can with dance and everything.
  21. I'm grateful for the snow. I love skiing, snowball fights, making snowmen, and a good ol' cup of Moe :)
  22. I'm grateful for my smile. Each morning, I try to give myself the cheesiest, biggest smile in the mirror. It helps me start my day off fabulously.
  23. I'm grateful I can make goofy faces in pictures, and that people will still love me.
  24. I'm grateful that this house is a loving, welcoming, and happy environment.
  25. I'm grateful for love. That I love all these people dearly. That I love YOU blog reader dearly. Really, thanks for taking the time out of the day to entertain my insanity :)
Have pictures lying around? Do this! :)

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