Sunday, August 7, 2011

Life of a deli girl

"Aubs, I know you work at Gandolfo's, but what do you DO?"

Let's use yesterday as an example

*phone rings*

"Gandolfo's in North Provo, how may I help you?"
"Yes, do you guys have pizza?"
What? "I'm sorry, no we don't."
"Okay, so do you have breadsticks?"
Ummm... we have bread "No, sorry."
"What about tacos?"
What the crap? This must be one of my friends. But the voice?
"No, we don't have taco's either."
"I know that Aubrey! haha I just wanted to say hi."
"J.J.! [fellow co-worker] I'm gonna kill you!"
"By the way Aubrey, I can see you."
I stick my tongue out at the camera.

"Aubreeeeey! Ikaika is verbally abusing me!"
"No I am not!"
"Are too! He totally called me a JERK."
"I did not! I said she was acting JERKY. There's a difference."
"Look who's talking..."
"Nothing. Now I want both of you to go to the walk-in and think about what you've done. Alright?"

*customer walks in*
"Hi! How's it going?"
"I'm good how are you?"
"Great thanks!"
"So, how's your day been?"
"Oh, you know, just at work."
laughs "Right, so... what do I want?"
Silence as he stares at the menu

"I like your hat by the way."
"Why thank ya" with the slight southern twang
"Hmmm... Well, what do you like?"
Point to the menu as I name them off. "Well, Urban Cowboy, 42nd Street, Reuben...."
"What about a bagel?"
"Oh, well the Chaz bagel is one of my favorites..."
"So if I get two, you'll come out here and eat them with me?"
Politely laughs "Oh, uh... I have to.... mop."
Disappointment "Oh, alright. Just give me one of em then."
"Okay, and may I get your name?"
"Trevor. And yours?"
Tips cowboy hat "Well, it's reeeal nice ta meet cha Aubrey."

"Aubs, do you know that guy?"
"Never met him in my LIFE."

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