Friday, March 18, 2011

The turquoise/aquamarine/teal debacle

It all started yesterday

Yesterday, in case you didn't know, was Saint Patrick's day
I woke up, like all days, with a vague idea of what I might put on my body.
Then peering into my closet, I began doing what I do each day, search the top half of the pile of my shirts.
[Boys, this post is indeed about clothes. Forgive me. I promise to post tomorrow or something with an amusing drawing I attempted]
When my eye fell upon that lacy shirt I got from D.I.
"Brilliant!" My mind exclaimed and immediately accessories, shoes, and a hair style popped in my brain.
[I just want to point out how much end of term has fried my brain. I typed "brian" instead of brain the first time, then had to look it up. Perhaps thinking of my father too much?]
I merrily skipped down my stairs (it's possible, believe me) when my father warmly welcomed me with, "Morning Aubs! Happy Saint Patricks Day!"
"Papa, it's not Saint Patrick's Day"
"Check the calendar again dear" said my father with his crooked smile.
I reevaluated my outfit, nope. Not one spec of green.
Honestly life?
So I ran up my stairs, too much of a hurry to turn on the lights, and opted to use the natural source streaming through my blinds.
Which were drawn.
I looked up.
My skirt!
It's green, right?
Okay... so what with it?
Ummm... It's cold, right?
Too casual?
Frilly top?
Awww... I love this top! It's sooo cute! Why don't I wear it more? I really should. Poor guy, stuffed in the back of my closet, hoping for a bit of sunlight, maybe some air, and a squirt of Fabreeze or two.
You go to school, remember?
Modest is hottest!
Why did I take that class again?
Ohh yeah..

So I get to school.
"Nice skirt. But where's your green?"
I look down, and up at the group of expectant teenage faces.
"This is green, right?"
"Aubs, really? Like, can you see okay? That's blue."
"Nu uh! Doesn't count! You're a boy! And boys are... well they can't tell colors, and some of them are.... COLOR BLIND! That's it. You're probably color blind. HA."

"Hey Aubrey, that's a cute skirt, where'd you get it?"
Finally, someone sensible.
"Thanks! DI!"
"Figures, haha, that's where you always get your stuff"
"Hey, can I ask you a question? What color is my skirt?"
"It's teal"
"No it's aquamarine"
"What? You're ridiculous. It's turquoise"
"But that's a shade of green, right?"
"No, I think it's a shade of blue, mixed with like, a little yellow, I think"
"She's right"
"But, there's green in your tights!"
That was all I heard all day.

Why tell you this story?
Simply because, this is my blog, and I can type whatever I want.
On a happier note, have a fantastic day!


Rachel said...

that is definitely a blue skirt man. as blue as blue can get.

Lydia Colleen said...

You are the first colorblind female I have ever met.

Kristina said...

You look so cute! Great accessorizeing!
Kristina J.