Sunday, March 6, 2011

If you came home

If Jason came home:
  • There would be a trip to the airport. A long car drive. Possibly signs made, welcoming him home. To live with me again. Chanelle and Haley would meet us at the airport. There would be new nick names and stories of crazy co-workers and new friends. And he'd stay before the next adventure.
If Brooke came home:
  • There would be a trip to the airport. I probably wouldn't clear my schedule to go. (sorry Bee). There would be a big event happening. Like a wedding, or missionary farewell. Most likely a wedding. There would be borrowed pajama's, stolen shoes, and shopping trips. There would be funny stories and pictures to share before she left to her real home.
If Chad came home:
  • He would walk in through the front door, unannounced. Unless it was locked. Then he would ring the doorbell A LOT until someone came to get it because he was too lazy to go through to the garage. There would be stories of a recent date
  • He would come for one of three things:
  1. To get an essay edited
  2. For food (eating or baking. Sometimes both)
  3. Laundry
If Chanelle came home:
  • She might have something planned to come down. Like a doctor appointment or a haircut. There would be borrowed clothes. There would be some returned, some gifted. There would be hilarious "Chanelle-ism's." There would be clothes that would somehow end up back home with her. There would be funny stories of co-workers and patients. There would be friends to play with. There would be arts and crafts.
[Thanksgiving 2009. The last time all of us were together]

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