Tuesday, December 7, 2010


[jah-icks]- The act of being completely and utterly random

I told the story of jix to Ammon, so I decided to tell you.

One night, me, DAni, and Jessica (Stevenson) [I know you probably know who Jessica is, it's just when I told that to Ammon he looked confused and said "You mean Steve?"] were all making hemp. This was the first one I had done myself, and actually tied it around my hair.

[Forgive me for this picture. It was the best one I could find.
Also, it was 80's day at school]

I had laborously been trying to pick out cute beads for my hemp. I looked through my letter beads, which were few in numbers. I picked out J-I-X. Then I asked Dani and Steve what jix might mean.

"Well... It's... you."
Hmmmmm... but what was I?
Random. Utterly and completely random.

And thus Jix was born.
The most common usage was "Mix of Jix" my birthday present of a bunch of mix CD's from Jess. ("You mean Steve?")

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