Thursday, November 25, 2010


"I think I ate my body weight."

"Hey dad, will we be able to laugh in heaven?"
"Well, yeah."
"But will we have our natural instincts? Like, being sassy?"

"What's a skype?"

"I wanna do something I like to do. I'm not in it for the money."

"I think I'm on the anorexia diet."
"Okay, maybe it's the poor college student diet."
"Hey! I'm on that too!"
"No way! Wanna do the bulimic one next?"
"No... then I'd have to buy food."

"We brought you pie. Deal with it."

"I'm still figuring out how this whole 'responsible grown up job thing works'"

"What was your impression of him?"
"Ummm hot. Yeah, he was hot."

"I WAS in a good mood before."

"Papa Smurf can you hear any of this?"
"He's just praying for an interview so he's out of here. I wonder if Dad ever does that. So he can just get out of here without us asking him."

"I'm ho-ome! And I'm bearing gifts!"

"Where is the camcorder? Because I could play it back and show to people what my family's like."

"I'm not in college you know..."

"Mom, lots of guys where girls jeans."
"That's disgusting."

"My watch tastes like lemon"

"I think if I tried really hard I could get a six pack."

"When I have a serious boyfriend, and I bring him home for Thanksgiving, I'm going to tell him that it's themed. Like, he has to be a pilgrim, an Indian, or a turkey."

"Do I have to put on human clothes?"

"What's p mean?"
"Uh... phone."

"I don't want to go to the neighbors! I know. I'll take a cat nap here, and you bring me food after. Happy Thanksgiving to me! Today I am grateful for my mother... and her two arms."

Yep, that's what happens when my family gets together.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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