Wednesday, November 24, 2010


"What is your greatest fear?"
"Being kidnapped. Yours?"
"Umm... Abandonment. Or hatred by people I love. Why?"
"I'm not sure if it's my greatest, but the idea of not being able to control my mind or limbs scares me. You?
"Really? Why are you thinking about that?"
"Well I was watching tv and all the characters answered the question. I thought I'd ask a bunch of peeps."
"Needles probably why? Or creepy crawly bugs like spiders or the giant flying cockroaches down here now those are scary."
"Getting texts from you. Haha jk jk. Um I don't really have many fears. Um probably getting pinched by a crab. Either that or being audited :)"
"No more like epilepsy and a really strong trip on something like acid. Why are you scared of death?"
"Why? Heaven is going to be sooo much better than here. So it will be so worth it. :)"
"Acid? Glad those are things you think about. And I'm scared that those I love will die. Or that I will die to young without doing a bunch of stuff I want to."
"And what's your biggest fear Aubrey?"
"Even little snakes?"
"Haha what's your biggest fear?"
"I hate to tell you this but everyone you know and love and then a couple billion more will die sometime."
"Oh, okay. That makes sense."
"Just randomly wondering"
"Haha well obviously. Something other than that."
"Well I know sugar bear. Just, if they die too early. Like, if my siblings die or something. I don't see em as much as I'd like. What if they die tomorrow and I don't get to say goodbye?"
"That's it."
"Then you'll feel sad and sorry and hope that the last time you talked to them you told them you loved them."
"Well what would be the worst death for you?"
"That's why I tell every sing person I love them when I leave. Is that insane?"
"To die right now."
"If that is the sole reason then yes. If not then no."
"What do you mean?"
"Like if you're just saying it cause of your fear then yes. But if you have other reasons behind it then no."
"Well I don't know. There was a girl at my school who got shot. Or if it was my fault. Like I was just stupid and got myself in a car accident."
"Other reasons? Like the fact I love them?"
"Yeah and that you feel it and feel like telling them."
"That's how you would hate to die?"
"I do. :) I love you! :D"
"Yeah. Just if I did something stupid. How would I be remembered?"
"And I love you too."

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