Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fruit Cocktail

I've really been meaning to write here for a while, but as it often happens in my life, the more I put something off, the more scared I am to start it again because I've been gone for so long.

But let me say, it feels good to be home.

The following is going to be everything that is in my heart right now, everything that I want to talk about. I hope it's sweet and delicious like fruit cocktail. There might be pieces you don't like (like what the heck are those white things?) and pieces that are wonderful and you savor every bite. (maraschino cherries. Every. Time.)

One of the things that most influenced me in my youth was the examples that my papa set for me. From a young age, I have seen my dad on countless occasions praying in his closet and reading his scriptures in the front room. I don't think Daddy has ever commanded me to pray or read the scriptures. Rather, it was through the example he showed to me of righteous consequences of righteous actions that planted that desire in me. 

Yesterday we were on the bus for two+ hours riding into town. We got on and at the next bus stop about fifteen people got on, ten of them being from BYU. Then the next stop more got on and more and more. The bus driver was too nice; she just kept picking everyone up. It got to the point where there were probably fifty or so people in our small little bus and at one point the driver said, "Hold on hold on! I don't want cha to go surfing!"
Needless to say, we were pretty happy when we got to Kaneohe and half of the bus unloaded.

I can't wrap my mind around the fact that Heavenly Father knows all things. He knows every course taught at every college. He could perform surgery, interpret law, or build a rocket ship. He knows everyone's names. And that small part alone is an overwhelming amount of information. He is incredible. His knowledge is vast and his love is infinite.

I was with Jen and Abram when Jen looked at me and asked, "Are you okay? Are you happy?" I had my water bottle in my mouth, so I responded by clapping. After receiving weird looks from them, I took my water bottle out of my mouth, and said "...if you're happy and you know it..." Abram got really excited and said, "Oh! Clap your hands!" And then we proceeded to sing the entire song.

This week was one of those weeks that couldn't have gone better even if I had planned it myself. It was filled with family prayers, friends birthday's, ice cream, vegetarian meals and the cafeteria worker being especially sassy. It was full of saying the words, "Tegucigalpa, Honduras" over and over and also, "Yeah, I'm speaking Spanish." It was full of happyness and the realization that this my life, I get to serve a mission for the Lord and that I will be in Guatemala in the MTC in a few short months.
I came to the conclusion that there is no way I can completely prepare for Honduras. Of course I'll still work hard in my Spanish class and read all I can and talk to all of the people I can. But no amount of research can add up to all of the wonderful and unique experiences I will have there.
There is no way I can be prepared. And that's why this mission has to be the Lord's. I know that by relying on him I will be able to have the strength I need. I will know that I need to do and He will help me serve the best way I can.

It is going to be an adventure and I can't wait for it to start.

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