Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A collection of sporadic thoughts and pictures

"Aubrey! How is Hawaii? How come you haven't updated your blog? I want to hear all about your adventures!"

I feel like I've repeated all my stories at least 7 times, so instead we will have the things in my head.
Enjoy. Or try to at least :)

Tristan and I... "paying attention" during New Student Orientation

I'm officially in Hawaii. 

It's funny, how much you learn about yourself once you are completely on your own.

For example: I like having everything in an organized place. The only thing that bothers me about the dorm (so far) is the fact that my cabinet is just two huge shelves, and not anything to really separate my stuff. So I just have little piles, of books, lip gloss, and toiletries.

And this sounds crazy cliche, but more about who I am. Like today after church I was talking to some people and someone said, "Wow, you are just super optimistic." Then another girl said, "Yeah! She's just a big ball of sunshine!" "Oh, that's the perfect way to describe you Aubrey! A great big ball of sunshine!"

I mean, I always had people say I was happy, and enthusiastic, and friendly, but I think in those social situations I was just more aware of it and trying to be like that. But in this situation I was just invested in getting to know people, and that is just how I came across. I realized that that is me! That is my personality and you know, I love it. I love me.

New hikes with new friends Sierra and Celeste

I have always thought that the song, "The Gambler" by fun. was the most romantic love song. Ever.

And ever since hearing it, especially when I'm listening to it alone engrossed in my thoughts, I've always wanted someone to kiss me on the eye.

At a waterfall in a natural pool after our exhausting 4 hour hike

Have you ever seen that episode of Sponge Bob (stop it. I realize I'm referencing Sponge Bob, but stay with me here) where Squidward decides to move out of Bikini Bottom? He finally does, into a gated community where there are only squids and everyone lives in the same house. At first he thinks its so handy dandy because there's no Sponge Bob and Patrick to bug him. And they have bread in a can and he gets to play his oboe. But then, slowly he realizes that everything isn't as picture perfect at it seems, and soon the monotony wears on him and he just wants his old life back.

I just wonder if I'm going to be like that. Everything seems so perfect and wonderful. I live by a beach. A girl in my dorm offered to teach yoga literally right outside my door in the mornings for two bucks and she teaches at Turtle Bay for a heck of a lot more. I had a job interview for a MA position and cannot possibly contain my excitement. Right now, it is most definitely my dream job and I want it so bad. But is it gonna wear on me? Am I going to get sick of the beach?

I guess the most I can do right now is just wait and see :

This would have been a picture of us at the beach, but my camera is MIA, so instead this is Jen and I enjoying class  :)

But really, truly, honestly, I love everything about this place. I love going to the cafeteria, and ask the Asians what they are eating because they are so clever with their food combinations and make the healthiest and yummiest things (sandwich with hummus, cucumbers, and tomatoes, check). I love opening every single class with a prayer. I love walking to class and it randomly raining. I love the beautiful spirit here and that the holy ghost is truly with me every minute. I love going to the caf and staying there for two hours because I've just been there talking with whomever I decided to sit by that day. I love the diversity of everything. I love eating breakfast with a Tahitian  learning psychology from a Tongan, trading notes with a Venezuelan, getting lunch with a Trinidadian, then watching Hot Rod with an Australian.

Beaches, hikes, and beautiful scenery aside, I love this place, so much.

We couldn't find any cups for our smoothies, so we put them in wine glasses.


Unknown said...

I bet watching Hot Rod with an Australian was the best ;)

Nicole said...

P.S. if you couldn't tell by the nature of that comment, That was me. I just can't deal with technology right now.

Haylee said...

Ah man I am so jealous. I applied for BYU-H and didn't get in, so I am definitely swooning with jealousy over here. That's awesome that it's so culturally diverse. Gahh trade me places, please!

By the way, I'm really glad you commented on my blog because it led me to yours. And I had no idea you had one so now I'm your newest follower! Hope things are going well Aubrey. I mean clearly they are since you're in HAWAII and living the dream and stuff. haha so I guess I'll say, I hope you STAY well. :)