Sunday, June 12, 2011


She did what any logical person might do.

She ran.

It was hard but soon there was that adrenaline inside her, that sweet push towards freedom.

She couldn't think.

She listened as her feet hit the pavement. One. Two. One. Two.

It was there. At the back of her mind. Gnawing at her. Waiting.

One. Two. One. Two.

A new sound. What was it?

Splash. Splash.

Rain started softly, but quickly became hard sheets. On her arms. Her legs. In her eyes. It didn't matter. She was running away. She was leaving.

But for how long?

The thought came to her. The thought she was trying to leave. The thought that kept on chasing her no matter how hard she tried.

No. Splash. Splash.

The rain. Started down her head. In her hair. Down her shoulders. Soaked through her shirt and pants. Into her squishy shoes.

Splash. Splash.

She felt it. Soaking into her skin. Soaking into her bones. Soaking into her soul.

Splash. Splash. One. Two. One. Two.

She looked down. That dusty road. It wasn't dusty. It looked new. The rain had washed it all away. She kept running. Closing her eyes. Hoping the rain could wash away everything that happened.

Splash. Splash. One. Splash. Two. Splash.


She stopped.

She laid down.

How long?

"Forever." The words came to her lips easier than she thought. Like they had been waiting along time to come out.

"No." That came next. Harder than the first. But inside she knew. If there was someone. Someone who could come. Tell her to come back. To stop this.

But they wouldn't come.

Why would they?

She closed her eyes. As the last words, softer than the last time, escaped her lips.



A-money said...

This is too deep for me. But I just have to tell you...your opening sentence was PERFECT.

Ammonem said...

Where did this come from?
Is well written.
And deep.
And it has rain in it.

SaraLouise said...

I adore this. Thank you so much.