Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Summer Bucket List

  1. Attempt to take some artsy fartsy photograph and post it on my blog
  2. Put a U.F.O. in my hair (hemp's currently in. Debating about changing it to glitter strands.... opinions?)
  3. Bike at least 3 days a week (if it would quit raining....)
  4. Never stay on the computer for more than an hour each day
  5. Don't become a hermit
  6. Learn how to work the sewing machine and make something
  7. Cut my hair
  8. Put a crazy color in it (purple, pink, blue.... NOT red)
  9. Have a mohawk for at least a day
  10. Make a drive in movie
  11. Make R.S.G. return
  12. Get henna
  13. Finish at least 60-80 hours of my internship
  14. Hang up records and pictures in my room
  15. Deep clean my bedroom....
  16. Watch the sunset and/or sunrise
  17. Go to Mexico to build an orphanage
  18. Read/listen to the entire Book of Mormon
  19. Make people laugh
  20. Have fun
Yes, this really happened

1 comment:

J n Bee said...

only you would have something so amazing!
can't wait to see you!