Sunday, October 31, 2010

Three Things

3 Things you may want to know about my current life:
1. My family got a new Mac
2. I gave a talk today.
3. I wrote this in my notebook on Friday during child care. (We were watching a movie anyway)

What's it like being normal?
I'd hate to find out.
The worry each day of wearing an outfit that everyone will think is cute and blends in with the crowd.
The time it takes to get each hairsprayed curl perfect.
Not my wavy and frizzy mane.
The make up.
The designer necklaces and earrings.
Same brand as the back pack.
The cute bracelet with a glittery clasp.
Instead of glow sticks.
The radio blaring the hottest song that just came out.
No matter all the crap that song may mention.
The quiet reserve as you walk down the hall.
Only interacting with those on the lit screen in front of you.
Gong to the mall each week for new clothes.
Not DI every 2
The constant worrying. Hoping so and so likes you.
Wondering if your hair is okay

Really, does anyone care?


Ammon said...

ANS, I love you. Thank you for not being "normal."
Because normal people are boring, and you are not.

J n Bee said...

you are so super great and i just happen to love you to the moon and back times a million:)