Sunday, October 3, 2010


Everyone I would like you to meet
[Sidenote: When I took this picture this morning, the bishop walked into my bathroom. He looked perplexed seeing me aim a camera at my face. But smiling he just said "I guess that's a good reason to have the light on" then walked away.]
Scribbles is my trusted notebook who has been with me since the begining of August.
Now, I know I've been bad to my blog, but I carry Scribbles with me everywhere and record the most random things.
So... until something amazing happens in my life, I'll be presenting
Excerpts from Scribbles

Saturday 8/28/10 10:56 a.m.- Provo, UT temple

I am so grateful for establishing the habit of coming to the temple every week. Not only does coming to the temple bless your life, but it also keeps me in check. I mean, could I come to the temple knowing I had commited some horrible sin? No, of course not. And that is why it is so great.

Especially when you're my age, temptation is rampant. Seriously, everyday there are probably ten bad things going on. Swear words, dirty jokes, immoral things. It would be so easy to succomb.

But who likes being a sissy and taking the easy route? :) and to be honest, the "harder route" becomes easier and easier.

It's like dance and math. Two things I greatly enjoy. There used to be nights when I would beat down on myself; I could hardly kick. Now, I'm complimented so often, that slowly it's become easier and much more enjoyable.

Same thing with math. There used to be the moments when I'd get so fed up or frustrated that I just wanted to give up and fail and assignment. Now, math is much easier. Am I a super genius in Calculus? Well, no. But it is easier and much more enjoyable for me to do now.

And I am extremely grateful for that.

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