Sunday, August 8, 2010

When did I grow up?

I remember
When Miss Bee was in college. I went to her dorm and slept over one night. It was less than 5 minutes away from home. I brought a sleeping bag and slept on her floor. I emerged from the sleeping bag and into her kitchen where her friends were. Talking. Laughing. I sang a song. Possibly danced. Typical. And then Bee sent me off to bed so she wouldn't be embarrassed by her goofy little sister.
Fast forward and I'm at Chanelle's house. Almost 2 hours away. And I drove here. Last night I blogged while I sat on her bed. Now I'm on her couch because I'm a big girl and can take care of myself. I've grown up because instead of sending me off to bed while she hangs with her friends, I'm invited along. To go shopping, go see movies, get food. Seriously, when did I grow up?
It's moments like these that I will always cherish. I love my family so much.


J n Bee said...

oh man! thanks for the trip down good memory lane. you are so grown up and too funny!

love you and your free style!

Martha said...

I remember one summer we were visiting you guys. Chad was about 12 and he took Adam and Josh to the creek. They thought Chad and the snakes were so cool.