Saturday, August 7, 2010

Don't all teenagers do this?

I think I'm kinda loosing my mind. And I mean, I've always been just a bit insane but this is different. Ask me how.

"Well Aubrey Noelle how's it different?"
"I don't know."

It's like I'm riding an emotional roller coaster.
Go ahead. Say it.

"Aubs, you're just acting like a goofy teenager girl"

Call me that. Call me whatever you like.
It's hilarious in fact how different. How much it varies.

"Did you know that you're amazing?"
"Sorry, I'm just not as nice or as cool as you. Haven't you noticed?"
"I wish I could be like you more."
"Why can't everyone act the way you do?"
"I see the light of Christ in you."
"You are absolutely gorgeous."
"Words cannot express how much I love you."
But what does the world say? The world that everyone thinks is so important to listen to.
"You're wearing that?"
"You are too fat to fit in here."
"You have to wear make-up and sit up straight."
"You can't be accepted without following our rules and morals"
"Whatever standards or beliefs you have, you can't let others know. Or you will be mocked an ridiculed"

Random example:
My dear sweet friend whom I call Kirkington just messaged me and said:
"Aubrey you are the best ever :D love ya"
Messages like this frequently dance across my internet browser when I'm forgetful and don't close it.
And in those little moments of me finding a surprise message or two,
I have to keep a silent prayer in my heart.
I'm so glad that I spazzed out as I ran to get my phone or grab shoes.
Because after a long day of work, surprise messages are all I need.
This post was going to be different. I can't even remember what I was originally going to say. And everything is completely sporadic and random.
But hey, that's how I am.
So take that world.

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