Monday, June 21, 2010

Me and The Bishop

Dear Daddy,
(Note: yes, I'm aware Father's Day was yesterday. So.... Let's dedicate this post to yesterday.)
I'm going to let a conversation we had last night describe the relationship I have with my daddy.
"What are we doing tomorrow?"
"Well Dad, I'm going to sleep in LATE"
Mom "You are? Good. You are in bed tonight by..."
"By ten, I know. Then dear Father, I'm doing to the bank where I shall deposite a huge check from my place of work."
"Good, I like it. I like it."
"Then dear sir, I shall go to K-Mart where I shall buy some shoes"
"Wait, shoes?"
"Yes sir. You see...."
*laughing* "Shoes?"
"Stop laughing. Listen. I'm going to take them to my dear friend Riley's house where he shall draw awesome things on them. Plus, I need a new pair."
"What about those black ones?"
"Oh, my chucks? Well I need more than one pair of sneakers"
*laughs, slaps head, and shakes it*
"Stop laughing at me! They will be awesome! And I know you'll appreciate them and tell me how cool they are because you are that cool and appreciate art and I appreciate that in you so... Happy Father's Day."
"Stop laughing!"
"First the Rockette's, now shoes."
This is my father. And I love him very very much.

Also: for those who are wondering.....

This is Riley

And these are my chucks

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