Sunday, June 27, 2010


Background: this morning at 6 a.m. as I was laying in my bed, I got these ideas in my head. And thought it would make a good, deep, philosiphical blog post. Here is what I typed up at 6:30...

I feel like a book. One of those books that your mom randomly brings home one day during the summer when you’re bored out of your mind and you need something to do. “Here,” she says. “It’s a classic, you’ll love it.” Most teenagers parents know that when you say something’s a classic, they automatically don’t want to read it.

But you open it to make your mom feel happy, and set it on a shelf.

Fast forward a few months, and it’s a lazy, boring day.

Nothing to do, just sitting in your room counting dust. When you notice something on a book shelf. That book. You have nothing better to do, so getting in your comfy chair, you prepare to take a dive into that book. And soon you find yourself captivated. Amazed by this simple little thing.

Fast forward more.

This book has become your absolute favorite, it’s the one you find yourself going to again and again.

But what is this?

A new book. Sitting on the shelf.

And the old one is forgotten.

Until you realize that new book isn’t so great afterall

And one day, you’re cleaning your room, and you notice the corner of something sticking out under your dresser.

The old book.

And you realize you were missing out by casting it aside.

And this is the picture I was going to use.

But then, something changed. "What?" you asked. Well, I changed. Because I decided to do something about the anger that had burrowed itself inside of me. I turned of my phone, so no texts I might regret would be sent.
I got ready, and went to church. It's funny. What typing can do to me. Theraputic. Because after I typed a nasty 7 pages in Microsoft Word, I felt refreshed, like everything I said was gone, let go. And with that, my anger had melted away.

I later sent this text,

"It's like any anger I've felt has melted away :) God does amazing things."

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