Tuesday, May 18, 2010


"I love you. And there is NOTHING that you can do about it." -Danika

"They take a step out of the ordinary, and spins and leaps into the extraordinary."

"If you want to stalk someone, get a twitter. If you want friends, get a facebook. If you want to stalk someone and have friends, get a myspace." Rachel

"This is not the rain, this is a fake imitation that WISHES it could produce water."

"Happiness is not an emotion, it is a way of life." -Mike

"Be good, and you will be happy" -The good Bishop

"I will love you no matter what comes between us. The ocean or another man. I will love you alway and forever." -Excerpt from Simon and Jessica

"Everytime I think of Aubie Aubs, I smile. BIG!" -Lisa Mott

"ERS. Coming to a road near you." -Me, Steve, and Dan

"Thanks paper clip with a tatoo." -Demitri Martain

"So Tynan, where is your Dad now?" -Aubrey Noelle

"Let's get down to business, to defeat the whites..." -Nicole

"Sometimes my brain can only handle so much and it starts to overheat and then it smells funny and no one wants to be around me" -Josh Hoffmann

"save an egg, crack a smile.
save a balloon, pop a collar.
save a heart, break the rules.
save a bullet, shoot a film.
save a match, strike a pose.
save a camera, flash a smile." --anonymous

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