Monday, May 3, 2010


Today, I walk into school, with "Bedrock" still stuck in my head. I glance up from my phone, to see Robert's open arms. So I walk up to give him a big hug. He crouches down, puts his arms around my waist, and soon I'm being thrust into the air.
Then I'm "passed off" to Joe. He holds me with both his arms like I'm some fair maiden, then does curls with me, showing off to the other guys.
Next is Kirk. When I'm put in his arms, he complains that Joe should have thrown me into them.
I'm actually kinda glad he didn't.
I get set down, to give Kirk a normal hug when I see Carlin walk up.
So, of course I have to run up to him where he picks me up and swings me around.
Robert then complains, "Where was my run?"
So, taking off my back pack, I get a running start and jump into his arms. He spun around with my feet off of the ground and I deemed it an appropriate moment in a romantic movie.
Austin had been standing there this whole time, and said to no one in particular "yeah, she hasn't hugged me yet."
So I gave him a hand hug.
Then, David was just standing there but I walked up to him anyway and gave him a hug.
Within the 10 minutes after I arrived at school my day was made.
[No, I did not hug Tate. But his picture cracks me up. You can see how much he loves my hugs.]

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