Wednesday, April 28, 2010

think. ers

Don't ask me why, but eating ice cream is always better out of the container with a fork.
I wish I had my own personal hair stylist. My hair is far too long for its own good.

I think some days Jason wakes up and says, "What should I call Aubrey today? Tinkle? Jumbles?"
You know how there's those moments where if someone gave you a hug you'd be okay?
There is nothing like warm cookie dough, a glass of milk, and Harry Potter before you got to bed.

Is it weird if I come home freezing and the first thing I want is a bowl of ice cream?
All my life, I've always wanted a pair of black converse.
It's partially difficult to brush your teeth with lipstick on.

It is illegal in Alabama to wear a fake mustache at church that causes laughter.

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