Saturday, July 4, 2009

New things

Well.... I fail at updating this thing. So here are all the new things with me.
  1. I'm an official member of Provo's Youth City Council (YCC). Mom first wanted me to do it with the idea of my resume, but I went to my first meeting, and had tons of fun. I met lots of people that go to Provo, and even some from Timpview I never knew. I'm the youngest in the group, most everyone else is Juniors and Seniors, but whatever. That's just all the more years I can do it. :)
  2. I tried out for Studio 1 again, but didn't get moved up. Everyone else that tried out from my team did. So now Mom and I are thinking of not doing Studio 1. That was the original plan, but then I didn't make ballroom and dance company. So it looks like for us just weekly classes at Studio 1.
  3. I just came back from AFY yesterday. It was so fun! But I'll do a post on that later.
  4. And last but not least, I have a job! I was doing some work for my father, but then Chanelle told me Gandolfo's was hiring. Bells gave her manager, Ralphie, my number and he called me. What a great sister I have. And, soon to be my trainer. :)
So that's what's been up with me!

Like the new blog heading? I love the picture. I took it at AFY in my friend Jordan's aviators. Love it! And of course I'm gonna use a Beatles song. :)

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