Monday, July 13, 2009

Adventure for Youth

Yay! So I went to AFY up in Idaho with Jessica (Steve) and Danielle (Dan)

The first day was full of orientations and name games.. but the next day
We got all geared up to go to the ropes course!
I went on a swing that pulled you up about 30 feet,
Then you let go, and got to fly around
We aslo had to get everyone over this 10 foot wall, without talking
But we still had lots of fun
We had to make the full armor of God, and our group was in charge of the helmet

We got to go to the Recksburg temple which is sooo pretty.
It was a fun change from just going to Provo all the time
We had some free time after....
We went river rafting on Thursday. You can see how pumped we are.

It was way intense with 17 foot waves, and really fast moving water.

We were pretty worn out after
This is our table at the final banquet. To my right is my "date" Jordan
Gotta love them righteous boys
We can be crazy some times
Haha the boys can be too
My amazing counselors Taylor and Amy
These were ALL the people at AFY. 88 in all. We're alot smaller then EFY
Everyone saw my dollar ring, so I ended up making a few
We were pretty exhasted by the end of the week
Amy, Jordan, Me
Bored on the 6 hour bus ride home
Best group ever!

Love you AFY!


J n Bee said...

It sounds and looks like you had an amazing time! Would you do it again?
love your photographic skillz.


Christy Smith said...

I'm posting just for you Aubs! Looks like such a blast! I got to climb a 35 foot pole then go down a zip-line at camp...good times. Glad you had fun! P.S. Thanks for being an awesome hostess and helping me entertain my kids at your house! It was fun to see you!

Jessica said...

WHAT!?!?!?!?! no mention of my sprained ankle on the first day!?!?!?!?! you know that was the highlight of the week right....