Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Gymnast

Across the floor the gymnast soared

With a’boundin’ leaps and spins

Practicing with perfection

And a hope that she might win

“Flawless,” her coach cried

And smiling with glee

“Your hard work has certainly paid off

Take a break, I’ll see you in three”

She skipped over to the beam

Sitting happily thinking of her future

But her swinging legs made her slip

And her career took a slight detour

A large crack was sounded

The poor girl screamed in pain

And as she lay there crying

She knew she might not return again

The lights flashed and she was rushed

An operating room immediately cleared

Parents notified, they had arrived

And saw that fate they had always feared

She woke confused and lost

And what was on her arm?

A woman arrived, the girl was scared

“It’s alright dear, I won’t cause any harm”

“My name is Darla, how do you do?

My you took quite a spill

But it’s okay, you’ll be safe here now,

Will you please take this pill?”

A fortnight later she was released

The cast still tight in place

Although her stay had been gloomy

A smile still spread wide across her face

For while she stayed, she had observed

All the doctors doing this and that

Intrigued she watched them carefully

Thinking “I could probably do that”

A fire ignited and off she went

To pursue her brand new dream

Thoughts of flying sometimes occurred

But got pushed by this new thing

This girl however never cured cancer

I know, it’s sad to say

For she had something more special

She loved her job each and every day

For in your life your dreams get ruined

Trampled, mangled, smashed

But look for the positive, something new

And life will put you on new paths

1 comment:

J n Bee said...

i have chills streaming through my body right now after reading this. for two reasons, which i will share-
first- because i was the superwoman sis who was there to see you and your mangled arm through (remember that? i'm not offended you only named "darla")
and secondly- you're amazing! you wrote that?? man! can i please have your autograph and asap.
glad i took a picture huh? :)